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Workshops and shows

You can try something new in Bon Manufaktur manufactory. What abou creating your own hand made lollipop? With us it is possible.

We conduct master classes in Slovak, English, Russian, Ukrainian and German. Choose and order the class that suits you, and – forward, to miracles and caramel magic!

Basic level

This workshop is suitable mostly for kids or any beginner. Workshops lasts approximately 20 minutes. During them the participant with the help of our candy men produces his own lollipop. Lollipop consists of two colours and it can be in a classic shape of a snail, in the shape of heart, flower or in a shape of a teddy bear.

Price of the basic workshop is 7 euro per person.



Advanced level

Advanced workshop is suitable for adults or experienced kids who are willing to create their own trichromatic lollipop with more difficult shape, including caramel rose, sheep or frog.

Duration of advanced workshop is 30 minutes and the price is 10 euro per person.




Difficult level

Only the persons who like to take risks or who already attended the advanced workshop should attend the difficult one. Workshops lasts 45 minutes. During this time attendant can create 3 lollipops with shape from the basic workshop or one really difficult.

If you are asking what can be that difficult, be prepared for a pikachu, minion, cat or our traditional czechoslovak animated character Krtko (mole)!

Price of the workshop is 15 euro per person.



Group workshops

For schools and camps

Group workshop means a workshop for more than 5 persons. You need to make an appoitment minimum one day before personally or via phone or e-mail.

Group workshop for kids is always a basic workshop. Minimum limit in group of kids is 10, maximum limit in group of kids is 20.

Price of the workshop is on request

We are waiting for you at the Manufactory!



For adults

We organise group workshops also for adults.

Minimum number of persons is 10. Attendants can choose the type of their workshop.

We guarantee to all participants a good mood and a little excursion into childhood!



Workshop at your place


Master classes at your location

If you are interested we can come with our manufactory to make a workshop at your place (in Bratislava).

The minimum price of this kind of workshop is 350 euro plus transportation, depens on locality. Price includes workshop for 20 persons, and of course, material for 20 lollipops. Each further attendant is  7 euro per person.

Duration of workshop is 90 minutes.



All you need to organize a master class is to place an order on the site, or call us:

+421 948 760 227

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