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1) What is the composition of your caramel? Is it safe for kids?

Our caramel is suitable and safe also for kids. We don´t use any artifical sweeteners. Our candies are made only from natural ingrediences, such as sugar, water, glucose syrup. citric acid and extracts from fruits.

2) What kind of colours are you using?

Yellow one is made thanks to kurkuma, green means spinach. Red one is made from extract of a black carrot, for the black colour we use a bit of black coal. The brown one is connected with caramel, or we can say burnt sugar.

3) What kind of sugar are you using?

We support the home production.That is why we use slovak sugar. It is the classic white crystal sugar.

4) How are you creating all these pictures hidden in candies?

That´s a secret! Just joking, we know you are too curious. Come to chceck what is that magic trick to our manufactory. In the season from april to december we produce candies everyday from 10:00 – 18:00.

Other months you can come between 11:00 – 17:00.

5) Wich candies are the most tasty?

That ones which you actually have in your mouth.

6) Do you also have some soft candies?

Sure yes, and not only one! We produce caramel toffies and also hand made marhsmellows in various flavors. Both fruity or sweet.

7) What is the ´best before´ date for your candies?

If you keep them in dark dry place they will taste same good after a year or two (but I bet you can not wait that long). If they stay under the sun, the taste will stay unchanged, only the colours can get more bright.

8) Are you producing candies with company logos as well?

We do. If you want to step out from the average, you can engage some attention with your own company candies. Just send us text, picture or logo and we will hide it into a candy.

9) What type of candies would you recommend  as a gift?

We can create candies or lollipops of all kinds. That means they are appropriate for any occasion. We can make a romantic heart for your loved ones. Huge lollipop for a birthday party, candies and lollipops with favorite animated characters for the youngest ones.

10) When we can come and see how you produce the sweets?

In the season from april to december we produce candies everyday from 10:00 – 18:00.

Other months you can come between 11:00 – 17:00.

You can find us at Laurinská street 2, just few steps next to the famous Čumil statue.

11) What about the workshops for kids and adults? What are the rules?

 If you are less than 5 persons, you can attend the workshop anytime in our manufactory. With bigger groups you need to make an appoitment at least one day before, personally at our manufactory or via phone or e-mail. The maximum limit is 40 kids for one workshop.

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