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Bon Manufaktur, the caramel manufactory is an unique place where all the magic works. Both, adults and kids can feel the sweet fairytale around them. And it is all happening in the heart of Bratislava.

This is the only manufactory of its kind in Slovakia where exactly in front of your eyes you can watch the sweet history coming alive. We produce candies only from he natural ingrediences, without any artifical sweeteners. All the visitors  have a chance to see the whole process of making a candy from the beginning until the sweet end.

Our recipe for candies is old and simple. We don´t need anything else, just sugar, water, glucose syrup and a bit of citric acid to balance the taste. And here comes the most interesting part – we add natural dyes to the warm caramel mass and that is how it gets all the nice colours. Part of this mass has to be streched on the special hook to get lighter shades. It´s a real magic! Our caramel heroes can hide any picture to our candies. Piece by piece they can create a sweet strawberry, cherry, picture of small mouse, dog or even Santa Claus. That is what we call art!

Do you also want to become a candy wizard for a moment? You can create the sweet fairytale story with your own hands thanks to our workshops.

Can´t decide what to try? In our manufactory we don´t have only candies but many other different hand made sweets too. If you don´t have the favourite flavor, you can try our mixes. There is a classic fruit mix, refreshing citrus mix, sweet mix and the very favourite berry mix. If you are looking for a nice souvenir, you should definitely check the so called slovak mix.

Lollipop or a 3D caramel figurine is also an original gift for people of all ages.

We produce our home made marshmellows too. Light delicacy with dried fruits goes amazing with a cup of tea or coffee. We offer them in four various tastes. Fruit, citrus, sweet or berry mix.

In case you are planning some festive occasion such as birthday party or wedding you can book your own candies with us. Fill the formular and you can get candies with any picture or logo inside of them. Just let us know and we will make everything to satisfy your requirements.

Bon Manufaktur
Bon Manufaktur

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